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The Moscow Bar «Zaprudskiy and partners»

Entire legal assistance, provided by the Bar, is rendered in accordance with Federal Law «On the advocate activity and the Bar in the Russian Federation»
Our Bar is a team of professionals and specialists in different areas of law. And what is more important – like-minded people.

Our Motto: «You need an attorney – we are always next to you.»

We offer our assistance to various categories of citizens. Various programmes, including social orientation, have been developed by our experts.

Our attorneys are engaged in active law enforcement activities as counsels for the defence, represent legal entities and private individuals in courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration courts, prosecutors' offices and bodies of preliminary investigation in criminal and civil cases, arbitration disputes, as well as in cases of administrative offences. 

Simultaneously with the implementation of the law enforcement law practice, we provide legal assistance to entities and individuals in order to organize activities, aimed at protecting their property, land and property complex of enterprises and organizations of Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation from raiders’ encroachments and other informal structures.

We also successfully conduct law investigations, using legal means of collecting information, discovering of documents, interviews of individuals alleged to possess the necessary information, the involvement of experts and specialists, including in the field of detective work. 

We regularly participate in conducting specialized seminars for leaders of organizations and business units of credit, insurance and other organizations at the Institute of Banking Association of Russian Banks and other educational institutions. We systematically provide legal clarification on the various conflict situations in newscasts and television broadcasting. 

Our mission is to help you!

MULTI-CHANNEL TELEPHONE: (495) 666-20-88. 


Chairman of the Moscow Bar «Zaprudskiy and partners»

Attorney Zaprudskiy Victor Vladimirovich
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